Jack's Extraordinary Pack of Adventure

Resource Category: Books

Jack's tired of his hikes being so short, so hum-drum, and so blahhhhh.  Jack discovers that when he packs what he needs for the outdoors, he is free to enjoy nature, and to see the adventure in what he finds.  Jack learns about the value of being prepared, and exactly what he needs to spend more time in nature. In this action-filled, outdoor education adventure book with bright illustrations to satisfy little eyes, Jack learns a thing or two about being prepared for safety, protection and emergencies in nature.This colorful children's book inspires young minds to spark a life-long interest in spending time outside, and in enjoying the little things.Jack's pack includes a list that will start kids off on the right foot in being prepared for the outdoors.Because children learn best by seeing then doing, included in the back of the book, there is space for kids to write down, take note, and even draw out their adventures, and the interesting things they find within nature.This book is designed to initiate dialog between parents and educators, and their kids, to get children thinking critically about what it means to be prepared, and invites them to share their perspective on planning for the outdoors. 


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