About the Guidebook

Getting Started

Interested in learning more about The Nature-Based Preschool Professional Practices Guidebook, but unsure where to start? Here you'll find a series of resources to help you better understand what the Professional Practices are and how they can assist you in you understanding and implementation of nature-based early childhood education.





Practical Applications

The Nature-based Preschool Professional Practices Guidebook is designed to support a variety of professionals in the field of nature-based early childhood education. From starting a new nature-preschool to licensing outdoor preschool classrooms, the guidebook provides a broad range of applications in the nature-preschool setting:



Developing curriculum, setting goals, creating teaching plans and assessment tools



Hiring and training staff, planning professional development and in-service trainings


Licensors/Policy Makers

Understanding the unique needs, goals, and benefits of nature-based preschool



Identifying high-quality nature-based schools and knowing what to expect




Focus Areas

The Guidebook is organized into four themes intended to reflect major areas of practice: teaching, environments, safety, and administration. Taken together, these focus areas address key ideas in nature-based early childhood education. 




What's Next

The Guidebook is just the beginning. We are in the process of developing new ways to bring the practices to you! Watch this space to learn about new resources as they become available, or share your thoughts and experiences regarding the practices with the hashtag #NaturePractices.