• Member Spotlight: Audubon Nature Preschool
  • Finding Great Nature Preschool Teachers: What to Look For During the Interview
  • Nature Playdates: An Alternative for When Nature Preschool Isn’t an Option
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Bright Ideas

Watch Claire Warden's Conference Keynote, "I Wonder Why?"

Claire Warden reflects on the links that connect nature pedagogy in all of its forms across the world, as teachers learn with children inside, outside, and beyond. Read More

Getting Nature Preschoolers Ready for Kindergarten

How do nature-based early learning programs support growth across the development domains and foster skills that prepare students for kindergarten? Join Natural Start Alliance members to discuss this topic in an upcoming webinar and Twitter chat. Read More

Nature Preschools and Kindergartens at Record Numbers in the U.S.

Nature-based preschools and kindergartens continue to rise in popularity in the United States. A national survey of nature-based early childhood educators conducted in 2017 identified more than 250 nature preschools and forest kindergartens operating across the country. Read More

Feature Story

Finding Great Nature Preschool Teachers: What to Look For During the Interview

Nature-based early learning programs require teachers to have a different skillset than a typical naturalist or a traditional early childhood educator. These interview questions will help you to evaluate the candidate’s fit with a program that truly puts nature at the heart of the learning experience. Read More

Member Spotlight

Every year, the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science welcomes 100,000 visitors to its trails, exhibits, and collections. An increasing number of those visitors bring along young children to climb a tree in the Preschool Room, play with puppets, visit animal habitats, and listen to captivating stories under the guidance of preschool education staff. Find out how early childhood programs fit into the Museum's mission and what advice the Museum has for other natural science institutions that want to better serve young children and their caregivers. Read More