All about the Outdoors (DVD)

Resource Category: CD/DVDs

These three films look at the benefits of time spent outdoors, each focusing on a specific age group. Each concentrates on a year in children's lives - 0 to 12 months, 12 to 24 months and 24 to 36 months. The films are divided into sections as children of gradually increasing ages are watched going about their work outside. The commentary explains what's happening from the child's point of view. 
The films as a whole:
  • Link theory with practice 
  • Inspire and embed learning on key topics
  • Have versatile, short sections with clear summaries
  • Are a multi-layered resource for use at many levels
  • Encourage reflective practice
  • Can be watched with or without commentary 
  • Are ideal for practicing observations
They include:
  • Learning & development from 0 - 3
  • Sensitive adult-child interactions 
  • Child-led learning in action 
  • Rich & varied experiences
  • Diversity in environments, ethnicity & language