Feature Stories

July 2019

Emilian Geczi

More educators are looking for simple ways to bring the many benefits of nature-based education to their students. This article outlines three nature-oriented dispositions that educators can foster in just about any learning setting – traditional or nature-based – starting today!

Schlitz Audubon Nature Center

June 2019

Catherine Koons Hubbard

The "between times" in a school day are much more than a way to transition from one activity to the next and are essential to children's learning and development.

May 2019

Mindy Beltramo

A big vision, an effective plan, and plenty of community support helped a New Hampshire public school build its dream outdoor learning space.

April 2019

Natalie Lucas

Natalie Lucas argues that, by listening to children and providing them with opportunities for exploration and meaning-making, educators can affirm their perspective, agency, and, indeed, expertise on caring for the environment.

March 2019

Emilian Geczi

By planning nature field trips that are developmentally appropriate for young children, we can bring joy, authenticity, and wonder to their growth and learning.

Image credit: Briana's Childcare, Tucson, AZ

February 2019

Monica Farmer and Tania Hinojosa

Books not only foster children’s literacy and language development but can also expand children’s understanding of the world and love of nature. Here are some tips for incorporating a range of books into your nature-based early learning program.

January 2019

Sally Anderson

Sally Anderson had always sought to connect Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing students with nature. So when she learned about the Forest School model, she knew she found a philosophy and practice that she could bring to her preschool program.

Image credit: Best Day Ever movie

December 2018

David Sobel

The recently published "A Forest Days Handbook" demonstrates that young children can learn their letters and numbers AND get stronger, healthier, and more resilient in a nature-based learning environment.

November 2018

Sarah Foglesong

How do we welcome and affirm the diverse cultures of our students and the larger community in which we work? Here are six tips for developing cultural empathy and bringing a multicultural lens to nature-based teaching practice.

October 2018

Josh Falk

Outdoor interactions with nature in early childhood centers are proven to foster children's healthy growth and development. These tips from the National Wildlife Federation will help you to advocate for licensing regulations that support the installation of outdoor learning environments in your state.