Feature Stories

March 2016

Lauren Maples

When children learn mindfulness, they can access this state of being when life becomes stressful and overwhelming. It's an often-overlooked skill that can keep children balanced and successful for a lifetime.

South Shore Natural Science Center

February 2016

Christy Merrick

Nature and forest preschools have garnered the attention of the national media in recent months. Find out how you can help advance the movement even more.

January 2016

Megan Gessler

How a day of animal tracking turned into a weeks-long inquiry that built sensory experience, critical thinking, and determination in a class of four-year-old inventors.

Tiny Trees

December 2015

Natural Start

We looked back across the year to see what most engaged our community across some of our digital platforms in 2015.

Janice Swaisgood

November 2015

Janice Swaisgood

The Children and Nature Network uses Family Nature clubs to break down common barriers to getting families out in nature on a regular basis. Find out how you can create a Family Nature Club in your community.

October 2015

Christy Merrick

At NAAEE's 2015 conference, early childhood education was deeply embedded throughout the program, demonstrating how far the field has come over the past 20 years.

September 2015

Charles Yaple

This month, the outdoor education journal Taproot published this interview with Natural Start's director.

Natural Start Alliance

August 2015

Christy Merrick

What do you get when you bring together nearly 100 nature-based educators, put them in a beautiful setting, and give them the tools to tell their stories? The Nature-Based Preschool National Conference! See highlights from 2015.

Photo by Kit Harrington

July 2015

Kit Harrington

Fairy villages are well known for inspiring wonder in children, but they're often overlooked as an educational tool. From helping children develop fine motor skills to promoting cooperation, communication, and teamwork, these villages for very small people offer big educational benefits.

June 2015

Rachel A. Larimore

Author and Nature Preschool Director Rachel A. Larimore shares her summer adventures on Claire Warden's Scotland study tour of nature kindergartens.