Learning withOutdoors

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Children should be immersed in their learning and in their natural environment so it only makes sense to incorporate the two. There is no better way to provide a child with an enriched learning environment than giving them the opportunity to explore, experiment and make discoveries in nature. Being outdoors, whether in a backyard, park or hiking trail, provides children with an opportunity to engage all of their senses and helps them build a lasting connection to the natural world. It has become clear to educational professionals that along with play, spending time in nature is crucial to a child’s healthy development. There is inherent value in walking in the woods, building forts with sticks and mixing up a mud pie. The ever-changing state of the natural world is the perfect setting to explore creativity.  Every day provides a new opportunity for discovery and learning. Learning withOutdoors is the ideal way to learn.


primary education, early childhood education, parent engagement