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A comprehensive, color-photo-illustrated guidebook to creating living schoolyards. Case studies from North America, Scandinavia, Japan, and Great Britain demonstrate natural outdoor teaching environments that support hand-on learning in ways that nurture healthy imagination and socialization. Read more

Member Spotlight

An early childhood environmental education program on the shores of Lake Michigan fosters learning and an appreciation for nature among dunes, beaches, and ravines. Read more

National Arboretum

National Arboretum

Bright Idea

This month, Natural Start hosted a meeting in Washington, DC, to bring together key partners in advancing the movement to get young children outdoors in childcare settings. Read more

Friends' School

Member Spotlight

At Boulder, Colorado's Friends’ School, outdoor experiences are considered a vital part of the school day. Read more

Photo by Nature Explore

Feature Story

Nature Explore's Susan Wirth shares the results of Dimensions Foundation's research that reveals six indicators of thriving, growing, and sustainable outdoor classrooms. Read more

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