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New Research on the Benefits Greening Early Childhood Education

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With the release of its most recent issue, the journal Children Youth and Environments offers its second of two special sections that focus on “greening early childhood education."

This installment of the journal includes reporting on a sustainability education program for young children that changed the children’s conservation behaviors (and their parents’ behaviors), a natural playground that increased children’s physical activity, the effect of nearby nature on preschoolers’ affinity for the natural world, and more. See below for the full list of articles in the special section, and click here for more on their first special section on the topic.







Children Youth and Environments

Special Section on Greening Early Childhood Education


Children's Physical Activity Levels and Utilization of a Traditional versus Natural Playground

Dawn P. Coe, Jennifer I. Flynn, Dana L. Wolff, Stacy N. Scott and Sean Durham


Nature Routines and Affinity with the Biosphere: A Case Study of Preschool Children in Stockholm

Giusti Matteo, Barthel Stephan and Marcus Lars


Learning about and Taking Action for the Environment

Melinda G. Miller, Julie M. Davis, Wendy Boyd and Susan Danby


Teacher and Administrator Perceptions of School Gardens in Cape Town, South Africa

Hannah Rich and Nicole M. Ardoin


Fostering Emotional Wellbeing: Personal Reflections from an Early Childhood Forest Program

Magdalena Rudkowski


An Interview with Patricia Johanson: Seeds of Creative Vision in Childhood Memories of Nature and the City

Louise Chawla