October 6, 2018 to October 7, 2018
Raintree School
2100 S. Mason Rd
St. Louis, MO 63131
Raintree School is hosting Vaskebjørn: 3rd Annual Forest School Congress of the Midwest- and it's a whole new format! Skill badges, day-long engagements and more make Vaskebjorn the ultimate gathering of educators aimed at promoting an informed, significant, and realistic change in education while sharing innovative approaches and research to enhance place-based learning in wild spaces. Join us this fall for a two-day outdoor extravaganza. Camp, stay up late to watch the latest inspirational film, earn skill badges, and dive deep in theory and practice. Participants will enjoy a relaxing weekend to hone forest school practice, deepen understandings of the forest school pedagogy, and connect with fellow educators.
October 22, 2018 to May 27, 2019
Toronto, Canada,
Dive into ‘loose parts play,’ nature games, and storytelling that you can use right away. Explore creative and cost-effective approaches to setting up your outdoor nature play space. We can help you make it happen! There are six 2018–2019 one-day workshops to choose from.
October 27, 2018
Symonds Elementary School
Keene, NH
Join us for this day-long conference for educators who are redefining what’s possible in elementary education. As we build school programs around place-based social studies, outdoor science lessons, Forest Fridays and more, we’re connecting children to the natural world, local communities and big ideas.
November 19, 2018 to March 25, 2019
Toronto, Canada,
Explore how story-telling and games connect children to nature. Reflect on your experiences, and learn approaches and language that will help you build support for your outdoor practice with fellow educators and parents. There are two 2018-2018 workshops to choose from.
December 8, 2018
Denver Museum of Nature & Science
Denver, CO
In this object based inquiry class, participants will engage with interesting collection items from the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, and also meet many of the Colorado Competencies and help student practice kindergarten readiness skills in all content areas, especially literacy.
December 10, 2018 to June 10, 2019
Toronto, Canada,
Get ready to go deep in assessing the benefits of risk in the outdoors and how to build adventure into your day. Learn how to use tools with children, and how you can incorporate risk benefit assessment into daily routines. There are two 2018-2019 workshops to choose from.