Wonder and Wander: An Early Childhood Nature Education Guide

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Discover why nature is so important for childhood development and gather a bounty of tips and tools for:

  • overcoming fear (in the adult and the child),
  • being prepared for storms (both the weather and toddler kind),
  • and creating holistic outdoor experiences that foster young children’s Naturalist Intelligence, motor skills, sense of wonder, independence, resiliency, and love of nature

— regardless of prior nature experience.Whether you have a flower pot on a patio or a wilderness out your windowsill, this guide provides the tools for outdoor learning play success — in the backyard or the schoolyard all year round. This book will inspire you to gather the little ones and wander through nature’s wonders everyday! This book grew out of my years teaching in Montessori toddler environments, guiding early childhood gardening classes, and being an auntie to a bunch of very special children! As well as from the questions asked to me by countless adults and my desire to help those adults feel confident getting their little ones outside everyday. Let me be the garden gnome on your shoulder that helps you spend more meaningful nature connection time with young children outdoors in a fun, relaxed, safe, and inspiring way!


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