Feature Stories

March 2014

Christy Merrick

Could the push to get more children into preschool set us back in terms of connecting children to nature, encouraging creative play-based education, and building a love of learning?

Cedarsong Forest Kindergarten

February 2014

Erin Kenny

At Cedarsong Forest Kindergarten on Vashon Island, Washington, the forest is the classroom.

January 2013

Patty Born Selly

Loose parts stimulate creative play, and nature is one of the best sources for low-cost, high-value loose parts.

December 2013

Joshua M. Sneideman

Environmental education and STEM education overlap significantly when teaching young children. For both types of education, getting outside to explore the natural world are central features.

Photo by The Nature Preschool at Irvine Nature Center

November 2013

Christy Merrick

A new partnership between the Irvine Nature Center and the Ark Preschool that serves homeless children in Baltimore, Maryland, aims to give homeless children and their parents a place and time to take a break in nature.