International Journal of Early Childhood Environmental Education

The International Journal of Early Childhood Environmental Education (IJECEE) publishes scholarly written works pertinent to the education of all young children (birth to eight years). Articles include book reviews, educational approaches, evaluation models, program descriptions, research investigations, and theoretical perspectives—all anonymously and expertly peer-reviewed. The young children’s caregivers and the communities, institutions, and systems in which the children live are also important focal points. Implications for environmental education policy at the local, state, regional, national, and international levels are sought.

Established September 11, 2013
ISSN 2331-0464 (online)

Yash Bhagwanji, Ph.D.
Executive Editor

Bora Simmons, Ph.D.
Associate Executive Editor

Judy Braus
Associate Executive Editor

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Information for Authors

The journal has two broad visions:

(a)    To encourage thoughtful sharing of information about important ideas, conceptualizations, and frameworks, as well as effective practices and policies in early childhood environmental education; and

(b)   To reach an extensive global readership in order to maximize the impact of the thoughtful information.

Thoughtful information may manifest through book reviews, description of educational approaches and programs, research investigations, and development or interpretation of theoretical perspectives. Associations among and between the following will be emphasized:

  • Young children
  • Family circumstances
  • Community opportunities
  • Policy mandates or recommendations
  • Environmental activities, education, or experiences
  • Mechanisms or processes related to knowledge acquisition
  • Attachment or maintenance of affective dispositions
  • Abilities, behaviors, or skills development related to good decision making in a range of environmental contexts; and
  • Cognitive, economic, and social influences or impacts.

In order to reach an extensive global leadership, the journal will be available electronically, at no cost. NAAEE will permanently post all issues of the journal on the Publications link on its website. Translation of the articles into other languages is encouraged.

Submission Procedures

Manuscripts, along with email notes, should be submitted to the IJECEE Executive Editor ([email protected]).  Manuscripts must follow APA formatting style, including a cover page, and attached as Microsoft Word documents.  Once received, authors will be acknowledged with a manuscript code to be used in consequent communication.  The editorial board will also prepare the manuscripts for a blind peer-review process.  It is estimated that the review process may take between 4-6 weeks to complete.

In the email note, please indicate the author name(s), provide contact information, and a statement that permissions or releases have been obtained for all pertinent aspects in the articles (e.g., consent for research studies, illustrative renderings, photographs). 

Although copyright of articles is maintained by the authors, IJECEE requests right to be the first publisher of the articles.  Along with the first serial publication rights, authors are required to indicate the following statement in the email note:

“All authors confirm that the manuscript has not been published previously and all permissions related to the attached manuscript have been obtained.  (The co-authors and) I indemnify NAAEE and IJECEE against any violations of copyright or privacy right, as well as against any claims, damages, and legal suits.  (The co-authors and) I provide IJECEE the first right to publish the manuscript in an electronic format on its website and on electronic education databases published by others receiving our permission.”

The submission of the email note itself will serve as proof of the author signing off on the confirmation, as well as the date of virtual signature.

Please contact any one of the IJECEE Executive Editors ([email protected] or [email protected]) with further inquiries or questions.

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IJECEE Board of Consulting Editors


Yash Bhagwanji, Executive Editor
Florida Atlantic University, USA
[email protected]

Bora Simmons, Associate Executive Editor
University of Oregon, USA
[email protected]

Judy Braus, Associate Executive Editor
[email protected]


Patti Bailie
University of Maine at Farmington, USA

Vicki Bohling-Philippi
Forest Lake Family Center, USA

Kristi Cooper
Iowa State University, USA

Courtney Crim
Trinity University, USA

Amy Cutter-Mackenzie
Southern Cross University, Australia

Julie Davis
Queensland University of Technology, Australia

Blanche Desjean-Perrotta
University of Texas, USA

Carolyn Edwards
University of Nebraska, USA

Sue Elliott
University of New England, Australia

Julie Ernst
University of Minnesota, USA

Ken Finch
Green Hearts Institute for Nature in Childhood, USA

Christine Kiewra
Dimensions Educational Research Foundation, USA

Leigh M. O'Brien
State University of New York, Geneseo, USA

Mamata Pandya
Centre for Environmental Education, India

Jenny Ritchie
Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

Mary Rivkin
University of Maryland, USA

Ingrid Pramling Samuelsson
University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Keum Ho Shin
Daegu University, South Korea

Vicki Stayton
Western Kentucky University, USA

Julia Torquati
University of Nebraska, USA

Ruth Wilson
Bowling Green State University, USA

Susie Wirth
Dimensions Educational Research Foundation, USA


Carla Gull 
University of Phoenix, USA

North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE)
Promoting Excellence in Environmental Education - Education We Need for the World We Want

Judy Braus, Executive Director
Christy Merrick, Natural Start Alliance Director
Lori Mann, Program and Conference Manager
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