An infographic created by the National Environmental Education Foundation giving facts about why being active in nature makes kids healthier. Free printable download in English and Spanish, as a JPEG or PDF.

A peer-reviewed open-access electronic journal promoting early childhood environmental education for global readership and action.

These abstracts and studies from the Children & Nature Network summarize research supporting the benefits of connecting children to nature. Abstracts include an executive summary of each research report; full citation; and a PDF if available, or a link to each study in its entirety, or contact information if the study is not available online.

This position paper from early Dimensions Foundation work describes a rationale for developmentally appropriate environmental education. A short synopsis of research describes the factors contributing to children’s disconnection from the natural world.

These research briefs from the World Forum Foundation have been grouped into the following categories: Adverse Effects of Disconnection from Nature, Cognitive Benefits of Connecting with Nature, Mental Health Benefits of Connecting with Nature, and Physical Health Benefits of Connecting with Nature.

This InfoSheet discusses the benefits of connecting children to nature and presents examples of simple ways to naturalize outdoor learning environments in childcare centers.

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